Planting and Decorating With Succulents

You may recall that back in the late summer and early fall Monica, along with her Mom, did a couple of posts about making your own Hypertufa pot and planting succulents.  They were great and I was really drawn to the idea of decorating with planted succulents.  As you know…

How to Care For Succulent Plants

Hello Friends!  Today I’m following up on last week’s post on how to make your own hypertufa pottery with some great tips my mom gave me on how to plant and care for  succulent plants. I should probably clarify that  these are great tips for someone…

Make Your Own Hypertufa Pot – A Step-by Step Guide

Hello friends! Today I’m excited to share a DIY project that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time – making my own hypertufa pottery. If you’re not familar with this, a hypertufa pot is basically a type of rustic, textured container made…

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