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My boys are finally out of school this week, which officially marks the beginning of summer at our house. Over the last month I’ve been slowly accessorizing my outdoor living spaces (more slowly than usual as I still need to purchase flowers for my summer patio containers!)  This year I would like to add a bit more outdoor lighting as well. Like many of you, I’ve been using various lanterns throughout the space. They really do make great accent lights on side tables, as dining centerpieces, and for perimeter lighting around a conversation area. I have a combination of solar-powered lights and battery-operated candles on timers, and love the fact that this pretty ambient lighting turns on every evening without me having to remember!

A couple of years ago I also replaced my standard builder’s grade ceiling fan for an outdoor chandelier. This outdoor lighting, along with my gas fire table and new area rug, really cozied up the space!

2016 Patio Refresh

But of course it’s always nice to mix things up, and it’s not hard to do when there’s so much good inspiration around. I love how the lanterns were hung from the large tree in the photo below. There’s no reason you couldn’t hang them from a pergola or covered porch either.

via House Beautiful

I also love the large string lights that have been on trend for the last few years. The photo below is a great example of how you don’t actually need to have an overhead structure to hang them either. To be honest, I love every single thing about this gorgeous and neutral space!

via House Beautiful

Outdoor lighting sure has come a long way –  you can now find waterproof lamps specifically designed to withstand the elements. They often include a weighted  base that won’t tip over in the wind, and lampshades made from waterproof acrylic fabric that resists fading.

via BHG

Today’s outdoor chandeliers go well beyond traditional wrought iron candelabras.  I absolutely love this globe style pendant from Pottery Barn!

via Pottery Barn

And how fun are these solar-powered pendants from IKEA? They make a big impact on this colorful but simple outdoor table created by Sarah from Life on Virginia Street.

via Life on Virginia Street

The combination of string lights and grass pendant work beautifully with the other natural elements in this lovely space.

via HGTV

And finally, I couldn’t share outdoor lighting inspiration without featuring at least one Moroccan-inspired look. These unique silver pendants provide an interesting juxtaposition to the modern table and chairs. What a fresh take on an otherwise old world look!

via BHG

More Outdoor Lighting Finds


Outdoor string lights


  Wrought iron chandelier 

 Wicker style lamp

  Rounded lanterns

Rattan lantern


 European pendant

  Wrought iron globe

Nautical style lantern


~ Monica

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