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Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am certainly ready for the long holiday weekend. Although the weather here is not looking so great for our usual pool, golf, and barbeque activities, my family and I are still glad to have the extra time off. If the weather is crummy I can always continue to work on that on-going list of projects around my house! And speaking of projects, today I’m excited to finally share a bit more of my home office update. I’ve been wanting to add a fun gallery wall for the longest time, featuring an electic mix of art and travel photography. Last weekend, with an incentive from Michael’s and their fantastic door busters sale (frames at 70% off), I finally got my act together and completed it!

Here’s a quick look at my office before.

Not the best lighting, but you get the idea. Ignoring the fact that I’ve also had random art and poster boards leaning against the wall for months, I’ve also had the same framed prints on this wall since we moved in 12 years ago. My husband and I bought these Ansel Adams posters when we were first married. I still actually like them, but it was time for change.



In addition to scouring Pinterest and magazines for inspiration, I also sought out existing design layouts that I could use as a starting point. I knew I wanted a mixed media display with at least one unframed canvas and one or two 3-dimensional pieces. I really liked the overall shape and balance of this one. I didn’t end up following this design exactly, but I found it very helpful to get started. Not everyone does it this way, but I found it easier to figure out the general layout of the gallery wall first, and then have my photos printed to the appropriate sizes.

I cut out craft paper to represent each of the frames, and used painter’s tape to tack them up on the wall. I’m a visual person so it really helped me to be able to see how the general sizing and shapes of the frames would look on my particular wall. It’s also great for determining the exact placement of your nails or picture hangers. I’m a big fan of the 3M picture hangers, because they allow you straighten or adjust the spacing of your picture a little bit if you need to. Since my walls are now white, it’s a bit hard to see in this picture. Next time I’ll remember to use brown paper…

Next, I layed everything out on the floor, and played around with the arrangement of my photos. I actually had the photos printed in both 5 x7 and 8×10 sizes so I wouldn’t have to finalize my decision until I could see everything arranged.

The key here is to achieve a balance with all of the different types of elements in the display.  Small frames balanced with the larger ones. Black frames balanced with the placement of the wooden ones. You get the idea.  And while this is an electic mix, there are common elements that tie everything together and give it an overall cohesive look. The subject matter is limited to nature and travel art in mostly green, blue, and earthy hues. Watercolor and acrylic canvases are repeated among the framed travel photos. The tin metal in the “L” is also found on the cute pineapple print.

On a side note, the art pieces probably seem random, but each one was actually chosen with a personal memory or story in mind, which makes it all the more special to me (except the tin pineapple – I’ll admit I just thought it was really cute!). My mother studied art in college and painted the daffodils. I’ve always wanted to find a place to display it and I think this turned out to be a perfect addition to the mix!  You may also remember my post on this really cool Waterlogue app. The print of the birch trees is actually from a photo I took while hiking during our girls’ weekend in Park City. I had it printed on heavy cardstock and I swear it looks just like a watercolor. The small beach scene watercolor is from a trip to Aruba almost 15 years ago. I was pregnant with my oldest son at the time, and it makes me smile to be reminded of that fun trip!

office gallery wall

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

~ Monica


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