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Welcome!  We’re Juana and Monica and this is our creative corner in blogland where we share our love of food, wine, travel, home decor, a good book, and documenting fun times with family and friends. We may or may not also be guilty of discussing certain reality housewives on occasion too…

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Our families are the most important things to us, as we know yours is to you. Our hope is that you will find accessible, everyday inspiration and ideas that will enhance the joy you share with your family; or maybe, you just recognize a kindred spirit and can celebrate Lovely Pursuits of your own!  Thanks for stopping by!


More about Juana~

I’m a Southern girl from Georgia.  Dahlonega to be specific. It was the sight of the first American gold rush. It’s a quaint little town nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Look it up! It’s a great place to visit, to live, and in my case, to be from. I owe a lot to my Southern roots and I’m proud of them! I now reside in Northwestern Ohio with my husband and our three remaining children at home (out of six total) therefore our life is never slow or boring!

I love to cook. It is an escape for me. Kind’ve my “Sunday golf”. I pour a glass of wine, shut the world out and create yummy goodness for my family and friends. I also love wine. I know – who doesn’t! I read about it and of course taste it.  I enjoy learning about all the regions and countries that produce wine and how best to pair it with food for a great meal.



More about Monica~

I was born and raised in rural Kentucky, but have made Northwestern Ohio my home for the last twenty years. I work full-time in a technical field, and am the self-proclaimed queen bee in a house of all boys (two sons, 12 and 13, and a husband with a 12 yr old’s sense of humor). So it’s exciting to have this fun, creative outlet to talk paint colors, wine, fabric swatches, wine, pantry organization, wine… I am a lover of travel, photography, scrapbooking family life, and think that whoever invented the label maker was an absolute genius. I also love food, but don’t necessarily want to be the person cooking that food per se. Fortunately, I am blessed with a wonderful husband who likes to cook, and my dear friend, Juana, who will always let me try her delicious recipes. Win-win!


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